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Flying Star Certificate Courses

Flying Star Certificate Courses in Aviation, Hospitality, Travel and Customer Service

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Flying Star Certificate Courses in Hospitality, Travel & Customer Service

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Every word of the vision leads to a descriptive mission statement which each one at FLYING STAR Aviation and Hospitality Academy, is committed to accomplish.

  • PRIMO – The Best
  • ESTABLISH – Constitute
  • PROVIDE – Administer
  • PROGRESSIVE – Dynamic education

To be the Primo in Establishing and Providing Progressive, Competent and World Class Education and Empowerment Solutions in the fields of 

  • Aviation
  • Hospitality
  • Travel Management
  • Customer Service

To be a globally recognized Academy and diversified education solutions provider, we innovate dynamic products, services, resources and research-based solutions in accordance with global standards in Aviation and Hospitality.


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FLYING STAR certified Hospitality & tourism industry professionals

India is one of the most popular tourist destinations, visited by travellers from around the globe.

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FLYING STAR certified Ground Staff professionals

We all are mesmerized by the glamorous lives of Pilots and Cabin crews. They take care of us during our.

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FLYING STAR certified cabin crew professionals

Working as a cabin crew can be an exciting experience as well as a challenging one.

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Aviation, Hospitality, Travel & Customer Service

The aviation industry is on the precipice of an exponential growth surge, with estimates that India will need 400 airports.

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Certificate in Airport Ground Handling (FSAHTM - GH)

A wide range of requirements apply when transporting dangerous goods.

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Certificate in Cabin Crew (FSAHTM - CC)

Aviation, one of the most exciting profession in the world, requires the most talented and energetic staffs. In addition to.

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