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FLYING STAR certified Hospitality & tourism industry professionals

Duration: 9 Months

Study 5 days/week for 2 hours/day

Prerequisites: 12th Pass

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FLYING STAR certified Hospitality & tourism industry professionals

India is one of the most popular tourist destinations, visited by travellers from around the globe. The land consists of rich cultural and historical heritage with variety in ecology, terrains, and places of natural beauty- offering something for people of all generations. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Rajasthan to North-east, every region has its own distinct culture, offering a different flavour of life to tourists as they move across the country.

With millions of vacationers visiting India every year, tourism plays an important role to project a country’s image positively as well as adding to the country’s development. Not only foreigners but even Indians are travelling to lesser-explored places within the country, aiding in the growth of domestic travel. The tourism and hospitality industry in India has been one of the major drivers of growth in the service and financial sector by employing millions of people, increasing the country’s GDP and sourcing foreign exchange for the country.

The tourism sector of India in FY20 was responsible for employing 39 million people directly/indirectly and is expected to touch 53 million by 2029. To cater to the needs of these tourists, there is a strong demand for trained and skilled professionals in the tourism sector that can assist travellers in managing various aspects of their journeys such as accommodation, travel, food &beverage, and entertainment.

If you are interested to be at the forefront of the tourism revolution and want to build your career in this sector, join FLYING STAR today. We are one of the leading training centres in the country offering in-depth courses in tourism and hospitality. Our courses are designed to help you understand various aspects related to tourism and provide practical knowledge that makes you ready to excel at your job.

On successful completion of our course, you can get an opportunity to work in hotels, resorts, airports and with travel companies.

Below are the details of our Hospitality & tourism industry Course:

Course Duration: 9 Months 

Course Covers:
Get ready for the job by taking classroom and practical sessions in hospitality and tourism.


Eligibility criteria to join FLYING STAR for ground staff

Candidate must be 12th passed in arts, science, commerce or any other field. A 3-year diploma in engineering or another field, from a recognized state board, is also acceptable.

Course Highlights:
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