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FLYING STAR certified cabin crew professionals

Duration: 9 to 11 Months

Study 5 days/week for 2 hours/day

Prerequisites: 12th Pass

See prerequisites in detail

Age: 18 - 25 Years

FLYING STAR certified cabin crew professionals

Working as a cabin crew can be an exciting experience as well as a challenging one. While people only see the exotic destinations cabin crew gets to travel to, they don’t see the amount of hard work and effort put in by them to manage the huge responsibility of passengers’ safety and comfort throughout the journey. Cabin crew members spend months of training in acquiring industry-aligned specialization skills. These skills become vital when they have to serve these passengers thousands of feet above the ground for many hours in the day.

With the increasing number of air passengers, the demand for cabin crew is also rising, allowing many to live their dream. But those who aspire to be cabin crew members need the right mentorship and guidance to succeed in this career.

Do you want to become a trained and confident cabin crew professional for domestic and international airlines, but don’t know much about the aviation industry? FLYING STAR can be your perfect guide in this endeavour to provide you wings to fly.

We are one of the leading institutes in the country, providing training on various aspects related to aviation and hospitality. FLYING STAR provide in-depth training with regards to flying and cabin crew responsibilities that prepares you for the life up in the sky. Our trained resources have been working with some of the biggest international and domestic airlines in the country flying to various destinations throughout the year.

Below are the details of our Cabin crew course:

Duration: 9 months to 11 months

Course Covers:
The course is designed to provide applicants with theoretical and practical knowledge on various skills which are important as a cabin crew member including but not limited to – building confidence, managing body language, effective communication skills, passenger’s safety & security in flight and presentation skills.


Eligibility criteria to join FLYING STAR for cabin crew

You need to be the 12th pass from any field i.e. science, commerce or arts to join the course. You should also meet the following criteria:

Course Highlights:
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