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Flying Star Aviation Courses

FLYING STAR certified Hospitality & tourism industry professionals

India is one of the most popular tourist destinations, visited by travellers from around the globe.

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FLYING STAR certified Ground Staff professionals

We all are mesmerized by the glamorous lives of Pilots and Cabin crews. They take care of us during our journey on the flight.

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FLYING STAR certified cabin crew professionals

Working as a cabin crew can be an exciting experience as well as a challenging one.

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Aviation, Hospitality, Travel & Customer Service

The aviation industry is on the precipice of an exponential growth surge, with estimates that India will need 400 airports and 300 aircraft in the next decade.

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Certificate in Airport Ground Handling (FSAHTM - GH)

A wide range of requirements apply when transporting dangerous goods.

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Certificate in Cabin Crew (FSAHTM - CC)

Aviation, one of the most exciting profession in the world, requires the most talented and energetic staffs. In addition to punctuality, service quality levels also have to be met by those people.

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